The modern market for ethnic goods is extremely diverse, but we know 5 reasons why it is worth choosing FiligranaEtnica.

     Reason 1. Design. You will never find banal ethnic clothing in our salon. Everything is carefully designed by the best designers of Ukraine. Our clothes harmoniously combine traditional components with modern trends in fashion, so each of our thing is universal and will easily fit in any secular event.

     Reason 2. Quality. Our whole collection can withstand the test of time. High quality is an integral attribute of FiligranaEtnica. The best natural fabrics, the most delicate inner seams, and the finest furniture are not the whole list of mandatory conditions for getting to the shelves of our salon.

     Reason 3. Service. This rule is extremely important for FiligranaEtnica, so we have a European level of service.

     Reason 4. Uniqueness. The design of every dress, blouse and shirt is developed by our designers separately, without ‘‘tips’’ from colleagues. We do not cooperate with quantity-based producers. Our designers are creative personalities with a special approach to their work who create not just clothes but masterpieces in their niche.

     Reason 5. Concept. Every millimeter of our products has had so much diligence and inspiration invested in it, that by choosing our clothes, you join in our philosophy – a demonstration of what is to be a modern Ukrainian.

     We are waiting for you at FiligranaEtnica!

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