Colors have a profound subtext. Every morning you choose clothes according to your inner condition, and color is not the least important decision here. Embroidered clothes are always special. Vyshyvanka is your business card on solemn events, imoprtant meetings, romantic dates or atmospheric photo sessions. The color that dominates here is the state you subconsciously want to show to others. We will try to find out what particular colors mean in this article.

    Let`s start with white — this color means cleanness, purity and lightness. However, white has one interesting ability — it has a sedative effect. A person in white is always an attractive image that causes trsut and has a slight magnetic effect. Remember this if you want to make a pleasant impression — a great choice for meeting your future mother-in-law.

    Red — this is a life-affirming and strong color. What are we communicating with this color? Usually it is a flame, passion, strength and... danger. Remember traffic lights — red signals convey this terrible feeling of danger. A woman who chooses clothes of this color also wants to stand out from others, and show her confidence and sexuality. If you get the feeling that you want to wear such a embroidery, it is time to conquer the world!

    Green — the color of freshness. These are trees, grasses, deep ties to the gifts of the earths — and, consequently, wealth and stability. In green there is reliability — grass and plants, although they die, always revive again. If you choose this color — know that you demonstrate confidence, sociability and stability. In this case, it will be much easier to achieve the desired result with whoever you are talking to.

    Blue — deep and divine. Depending on the shade, the meaning conveyed varies greatly. If your image is a dark blue color — you have credibility, and come across as wise, steadfast and productive. Therefore, if you are in doubt as to whether it is worthwhile wearing a rich blue vyshyvanka to work — it definitely is. Sky blue, on the other hand, shows a certain dreaminess, romance and freshness. If you want to enchant the person you are talking to and form an instant level of ease, sky blue will help you to handle with this task. Turquoise is an interesting mixture of freshness and depth – it conveys confidence, and helps you achieve what you want. If your hand reaches toward a turquoise color on the shelf, you have already made an internal decision to make dreams come true.

    The color black is not easy. If you choose an emboidery of this color, then you demonstrate strength, magnetism, firmness of your intentions and incredible depth. When you choose the color black, you emphasize your individuality.

    So color is not just a random choice of an item of clothing, but a signal from your inner self. Do not be afraid to be different — sometimes you can afford to be passionate red, romantic blue or calm white. Embroidered clothes are not only a tribute to traditions, but an idea that you are not afraid to share – and FiligranaEtnica will help you choose the embroidery that best reflects YOU.

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