Who are we?

     FiligranaEtnica is a high-class salon, where products of the best Ukrainian designers are assembled. It is here you can find modern interpretations of native Ukrainian traditions. The idea of creating a salon came quite spontaneously — one look at the Sokal antique embroidery, and the first Salon of FiligranaEtnica was opened in Lviv in February 2016, and this year in Kyiv on Independence Day. Our idea is a modern national dress that brings Ukrainian traditions to a new world level.

     The colors of FiligranaEtnica are not random — black is the color of the earth, black soil, smoked ceramics, the color that gives a sense of mysticism. Red is the color of love and hot pulsating blood. Their combination best describes the essence of FiligranaEtnica and the people who work on its improvement every day: fashion designers, clothing, graphic, interior designers, artists, managers, accountants and consultants.

Every dress that hits the shelves of our store is a small piece of art. When you choose us, you become a part of the idea we profess — to be a modern Ukrainian!