FiligranaEtnicais a high-class salon, where products of the best Ukrainian designers are assembled.It is here you can find modern interpretations of native Ukrainian traditions. The idea of creating a salon came quite spontaneously — one look at the Sokal antique embroidery, and the first Salon of FiligranaEtnica was opened in Lviv in February 2016, and this year in Kyiv on Independence Day. був відкритий перший салон FiligranaEtnica  Our idea is a modern national dress that brings Ukrainian traditions to a new world level. 

What customers say about us

As soon as I put this dress on, I didn`t want to take it off. Thanks to FiligranaEtnica for a great gift! I will wear this vyshyvanka with great pleasure!

Yuliya Shcherban


FiligranaEtnica! Thank you for the beauty of Ukrainians! True, deep and genuine!! Your decency and tireless work show the world the incredible beauty of our native culture!! Let us maintain the Ukrainian sky together!

Roksolyana Shymchuk

Collector, ethnographer. The owner of an ethnic gallery in Lviv.

In 10 days — I have bought 4 dresses, one more interesting than the last : the salon is located at the Opera Passage on the 3rd floor. You may ask, why am I doing this? For passion and joy, because it thrills me to see women happy!

Oksana Boboshko-Vanderhoeven

Магічна сукня від FiligranaEtnica – не можу жити без неї!

Maria Burmaka

The modern market for ethnic goods is extremely diverse, but we know 5 reasons why it is worth choosing FiligranaEtnica...